MAR 5 – MAR 11

A full on week, including a minor set back, badly timed.

Monday 5th, 8:28 am

Speed work: 5 x 5 min @ 8:43/mi + 2 min recovery, 15 min WU/CD, 2

Down the Hudson from work ticking all the piers.

Tuesday 6th, 2:48 pm

Tempo run: 30 mins @ 8:51/mi

Mid-afternoon trip out and back to see the Brooklyn Bridge from the river. Getting in the mood for the NYRR United NYC Half marathon coming soon.

Wednesday 7th, 4:14 am

Speed work: 10 x 1 min @ 07:15/mi + 1 min jog recovery

Another nor’easter storm bring in freezing rain and snow providing a work from home day. It was nasty out there. By far my fastest speed workout to date. I ran the first few intervals way quicker, having no idea what 7:15 pace felt like. This was a dumb move and a lesson learned – also go slower and gently accelerate into the pace. On the third or fourth interval I felt my right calf pull. I was already warmed up and ‘managed’ to get the rest of the work out done – again a dumb idea. I figure I’m going to get away with this one.

Thursday 8th, 3:08 pm

Light tempo: 25 min @ 8:43/mi, 10 min WU/CD

First run on my trip to Waterloo, Ontario. That was a good 9.5 out of 10 perceived effort. I got the 3 intervals done with overall reasonably good form. The last minute of each interval was somewhat tough. I had water that I sipped at throughout and used GU on the first and second 5 minute recovery. This was a tough workout – the toughest I’ve done. Feel very happy to have completed it.

Friday 9th, 2:21 pm

Recovery run: 30 min @ 10:04/mi

Out and back from work up to the Intrepid aircraft carrier. Nice. Calf was fine 🙂

Saturday 10th, 10:26 am

Speed work: 3 x 7min @ 8:03/mi + 2 min recovery

Awesome workout with Dan in Central Park running the reservoir bridle path. A nicely tough workout, and running with good company was again a pleasure.

Sunday 11th,  11:34 am

Long run: Bugger. Felt a pull in my right calf. The muscle felt tight and sore when pushing off. Walked it for a while. Tried a slow jog. Walked some more and came home. It’s the same calf I tweaked earlier in the week. Am icing it now and got my foot up. Going to use a compression sleeve over it through the week. I’m hopeful it will be fine quite quickly.

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