Feb 26 – Mar 04

Another week increasing the workload and I’m still feeling good, fast and uninjured. Another sociable running week this time with a long time friend in Waterloo, Ontario. Running with someone was good fun, sociable and really helped me monitor my pace better on longer runs.

Run commute along Riverside Park
Monday 26th, 9:02 am

Tempo run: 30 min @ 8:51/mi, 15 min WU/CD

An extended morning run commute. Love running Riverside Park.

Tuesday 27th, 1:15 pm

Speed work: 5 x 1km @ 7:39/mi

This was a hard workout! Maybe 8/10 on perceived effort. Clearly not used to the pace, and I over compensated which really tired me. I don’t have much in the tank at that speed.

Screwed up programming my Garmin and had the default 4 intervals, instead of changing to 5. I completed the 4th, and got 3 minutes or so into the cool down before I realized the timings were all out. Whipped out my phone and confirmed I was down 1 interval. Added the 5th, though I wasn’t able to adequately judge the 1 km distance. I assume I went over 1km, but tried to finish such that I had maybe 7 mins of cool down left. I did all the work, just that last interval was with more recovery.

Legs certainly felt heavy, but I was really interested to try this one out. I enjoyed it and it was completely achievable. I wonder how the rest of the week will feel with that one under the belt.

Wednesday 28th, 7:45 am

Long run: 1:36:06 @ 10:01/mi

Run around Central Park. Crisp and clear. Lovely.

Thursday 1st, 3:47 pm

Speed work: 4 x 4km @ 8:03/mi, 5min recovery, 15 min WU/CD

First run on my trip to Waterloo, Ontario.┬áThat was a good 9.5 out of 10 perceived effort. I got the 3 intervals done with overall reasonably good form. The last minute of each interval was somewhat tough. I had water that I sipped at throughout and used GU on the first and second 5 minute recovery. This was a tough workout – the toughest I’ve done. Feel very happy to have completed it.

Friday 2nd, 2:21 pm

Recovery run: 30 min @ 10:04/mi

Running with Tanja on an easy day around the neighborhood. Good company and good pacing control.

Saturday 3rd, 5:17 pm

Long run: 1:52:39 @ 10:16/mi

Swapped runs with tomorrow to get the longest duration workout done today in Canada. Gonna be a squeeze getting anything in tomorrow with flying back to NYC. It was a pleasure having good company, new landscapes and lovely evening running weather.

Sunday 4th

After being pulled aside to wait for over an hour for an immigration check (completely unnecessary as it transpired in the 30 second conversation) I eventually got home. Long cab lines at La Guardia left me only 20 minutes at home before heading out for dinner. Swapping today’s interval run with tomorrow’s 30 minute recovery that I’m taking as a complete rest day. No real harm in that.

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