Feb 19 – 25

Training was a little more challenging this week, in terms of both volume and schedule.  I lead a 2-day leadership training course at work which is intensive and tiring. At the end of the first day I got a migraine and barely made it home in a cab in time to be sick and curl up in bed with a splitter headache. The next day I just couldn’t get a run completed in between everything else going on and then early Friday flew to Montreal to visit with friends. Whilst there I completed all my workouts and had a great time exploring.

Monday 19th

President’s day in the U.S. A twenty-minute recovery run followed by a solid strength training session in the gym. Good warm up, 4 sets on the minute every minute: 12 x single arm overhead DB press;  14 kettle bell swings with pull downs; 8 renegade rows; full rest. Finished with my favourite core workout and foam rolling. A runner’s version of a spa trip!

Tuesday 20th

Early morning speed workout, 2 x 15 min @ 8:43/mil, around the reservoir. 8 degrees C at 8am was pretty warm, bringing a thick coat of fog.

Wednesday 21st

Long run, 75 mins @ 10:01. I tried hard to keep the pace easy by concentrating on a lower cadence. This was an early start for me, heading out at 5 a.m. in the dark. Setting up at work for the course at 8.15, working through to 7.30 p.m. Then had to bail on a social dinner out after the appetiser’s with a killer migraine.

Thursday 22nd

Frustratingly couldn’t get a run in. Took till noon to finally shift the headache. Late finish tidying up at the course then home to pack, and realise at the last minute that an electronic travel authorisation is required for travel to Canada these days. I’ve obviously become blase about travelling.

Friday 23rd

Speed workout: 5 x 3 min @ 8:19/mi, 2 min recovery; 59 mins run. Exploring the Verdun region of Montreal in freezing rain, sub-zero wind chill and ice-covered paths. A pair of shorts made for very red quads.

Saturday 24th

Speed workout :3 x 10 min @ 8:51/mi, 3 min recovery; 1:06:08 run. Checking out the frozen Lachine Canal, and it’s black-ice covered cycle ways – so I ended up tracking along the gritted sidewalks.

Sunday 25th

Got a good long run complete, 10 miles, 1:40:00 @ 10:00/mi. It was snowing whilst I was getting ready but turned to freezing rain by the time I was out the door. A sometimes vicious headwind and sugar snowing turning to slush under foot made for a reasonably unpleasant run. Flew back into La Guardia and back to the kitties by 11pm.


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