Feb 12-18

Reflecting on this week I’ve really started enjoying my running again. I felt some consistency of performance and fitness through the week. The training intensity is ramping up at last too. It feels like it’s been a while with the niggling Achilles soreness. I’ve made peace with being weeks behind on my half and marathon program, and am just enjoying running. I’ve also focussed on foam rolling and stretching which feels very indulgent!

Monday 12th

An easy 25 min recovery run @ 9:32/mi from the office heading north along the Hudson. Wasn’t as easy as I should have taken it. This seems to be a pattern for me. Taking a break from work for some fresh air is very energising.

Tuesday 13th

Light tempo, 20 min @ 8:43/mi and some core and glutes work in the gym. The week has become a photography experiment as I try to mix it up on instagram, learning from analysing other people’s images and checking out the tools available that make it quick and easy.

Wednesday 14th

55 minute easy run, experimenting with a new route today. I’ve never run the Brooklyn Bridge in the 4 years I’ve lived here and it’s a reasonable run out and back in a lunch hour. Cutting through town across the avenue blocks is ok so long as you respect the pedestrians. The cold weather kept the crowds away so the bridge wasn’t complete chaos, much emptier than I expected.

Thursday 15th

Intervals, 2 x 20 min @ 8:51/mi. Out and back late in the work day north up the Hudson. I almost reversed my typical run commute on this one. That made it feel a little frustrating knowing I’d almost run home only to turn around and head back to work. The Achilles was making itself known again, but no lingering soreness. Been concentrating lots on foam rolling and self massage this week.

Friday 16th

30 min easy recovery run, with a strength session in the gym.

Saturday 17th

Intervals, 6 x 2 min @ 8:35/mi, 1 min recovery. This run felt great, though the intervals were inconsistently timed (mostly faster than they should have been). Running this weekend with company, which is atypical for me. It was great fun.

Sunday 18th

Long run, 90 minutes targeting 10:04/mi. Another social run in great running weather. At last I’ve got back to running something that feels like a reasonable distance. It’s been a few months since I’ve run a 9 miler and it makes me very happy.

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