Hi there! Welcome to See. Run. Love.

I’m Duncan, a Brit from the North, returned to the UK in 2018 having spent over 4 years living, playing, and running in New York City.

Why run?

I was never a runner. Running held no interest for me and I knew nothing about it. Instead I have been a completely absorbed rock climber for over twenty years.

Then I moved from the UK to New York City with Google in 2014. Creating a life in Manhattan’s Upper West Side left little room for weekend climbing trips. Something needed to fill that space, something equally rich and absorbing. On an early recce trip we walked in Central Park, dejected from house hunting, and stumbled upon the 2013 NYC Marathon. I simply couldn’t imagine ever reaching the point of being able to execute 26.2 miles. The seed was sown. Could I run a marathon in my mid-forties? It turns out I could, and I haven’t stopped since.

Why write?

I want to grow as a writer. This is an experiment in accountability and writing consistently. Consistency of practice is my goal in writing, running and climbing.

See. Run. Love.

…borrowed without apology from a senior Google exec’s mission statement.

Describe your purpose in three words

It makes you cringe, right? That’s okay, it did me too. The literal interpretation works well for running, but it goes deeper, and I believe in it, for all the things I care about.


  • Look for opportunities
  • Set challenging goals
  • Be open to new ideas


  • Embrace opportunity
  • Be bold in execution and pursuit
  • Engage deliberately and wholly
  • Commit (failure is okay)


  • Multiply what is good
  • Grow things; community, others, yourself
  • Be authentic in your interactions
  • Share your joy
Duncan – See.Run.Love.