Berlin Marathon Race Review

“Awesome! Go run the amazing Berlin marathon. Move it off your bucket list and on to your 2019 calendar right now. Find a way to do it. 9/10” It’s one week since my first visit to Berlin and running this year’s BMW Berlin Marathon. It was my sixth marathon finish and my second fastest time. […]

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How to survive the post-marathon blues

You just completed your first marathon! An incredible achievement that you never thought possible! You are amazing! For four months you worked so hard to be ready for those 26.2 miles. Take a moment to reflect on all you’ve been through; the sacrifices of family time, countless training runs, aches, pains, chafing, hobbling, sweating, freezing […]

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Berlin week 8 training summary

Weekly distance: 62.3 miles (100.2 km) It’s back to a volume week. Knowing this is the first of 3 volume weeks has me feeling a little apprehensive. Week 6 taught me I can hit 100 km in a week and that was followed by a low mileage recovery week. This time I have 105 km, […]

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United Airlines NYC Half Marathon medal

United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

On March 18th some 21,965 runners completed the NYC Half Marathon in the cold and the wind on a brand new course. I enjoyed a first by starting from the back of the pack and running for fun rather than a PB. (More on that later). The NYC Half is a headline Spring race from […]

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Race Review : ASICS Manchester Marathon 2018

A race review of the ASICS Manchester Marathon 2018. My first time running the ASICS Manchester Marathon has been a strange and fabulous experience. (I’m a marathoner that hadn’t previously run in the UK.). There is undoubtedly bias in my recollection of the event due to the circumstances under which I arrived here. For the […]

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Ground level view of a runner showing only the moving legs

Injury, setbacks and the ego

I’m struggling with a few things right now – injury, setbacks and the ego. Usually I respond by withdrawing. I internalise and overthink everything, which invariably gets me stuck deeper. This time I’m doing it differently and putting it in black and white. It feels risky to be honest, but I’m telling myself these things […]

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How many people do you need to run a marathon?

How many people do you need to run a marathon? That’s a seemingly odd question, like how long did it take to run your fastest marathon? But if you change the wording to instead make it how many people helped you run your marathon?, then you see where I’m going with this. The role of […]

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Body Glide with nipple guards and nail clippers

Ugly truths no one tells you about distance running

For the record, or perhaps just for therapy, I need to name some of the ugly truths no one tells you about distance running. I remember vividly the moment I committed to running my first marathon. It was all about the challenge, the big experiment and the excitement of having a huge goal. I knew […]

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Running with music – right or wrong?

Running with music, right or wrong? I Googled the topic and there’s a whole lot of discussion. It took me a while to figure out my own position and I put it down here for the record. As a rule I do not listen to music when I run; but as a tool, music has […]

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